Finding a new hobby

I started this blog on a major decade birthday and let it sit. But it’s still here. Now that the next decade’s birthday is closer, I’ve found a new use for it. Post Poetry!

Big shout out to Living Poetry, a blog that my sister belongs to. I finally threw my hat in the ring and started to submit poems on the blog.

This is one that I reworked after comments. It’s topical and almost good enough to post so here it is. Formatting is strange, but I need to learn more. Here is my attempt


Keep October for the children
The best death events are in November
El Dia de los Muertos, All Saints Day, All Souls Day

My children laugh at my mild obsession with death
They say it is an Italian thing
But I’m not the only one

What are ghosts but memories made real?
Marinate in memories of the dead

All November long

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