A Place at the Table

We saw Maleficent this weekend. It’s a fun flick.. But what struck me was how similar the whole idea was to Wicked, where the Wicked Witch of the West of Oz fame gets her story told. The villain, the underdog, the outsider claims her space at the table.

That’s a hopeful message for this second act blogger. Even after all these years in the same organization, I wonder if there is space at the table for me. But maybe I am at the wrong table.  I have a real ability to negotiate outcomes in a gentle, non-stressful way. It was a surprising skill to discover. Not sure where it will lead, but one of the things I have learned raising children is to let them trust their instincts and things will be okay. That trust can only happen because I know their preparation and character.

So also it goes with me. I know my preparation and character. So there is some second act out there for me. I just need to be open and explore the opportunities that come.

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